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Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid.
I graduated from high school dreaming of “studying fine arts”! My first step towards the achievement of this dream was joining the Institute of Applied Arts at Damascus University – specializing in sculpture, whereby I learned the art of creating and transforming ideas into reality. 
Before graduation, I was awarded the Mediterranean Countries Scholarship for Art in Turkey, which facilitated my first experience of connecting with the art of neighboring countries.
Later, I graduated with distinction, participated in many wood art workshops for several years in Syria, during which I continued my studies at the Faculty of Arts in the Department of Sculpture.
  The faculty contributed a lot to the enhancement of my skills by introducing me to new tools that are important in working with wood, stone and metal. Moreover, besides that it introduced me to several artistic methods, it also triggered new existential questions and exposed me to new theoretical horizons, which played an essential role regarding my stylistic choices; such as abstraction in sculpture and expressionism in painting which became my preferred areas of interest. 
During my studies, I won the second place prize in sculpture at the Young Artists Forum in Iran (Gulgan) 2012. Simultaneously, the war in Syria was at its beginning, but that did not prevent me from painting intensively. I finished my studies during the war in 2014, relocated to Lebanon and then left for Germany.
As for painting, I was curiously captivated by colors. I tried to discover this world through personal research and personal study, which enabled me to express my inner emotions and perplexities. During my time in Europe, I participated in many exhibitions; the most important among them was the Venice Biennale 2019 and Artessima Torino exhibition. My latest solo exhibition, entitled (Into the Sun), took place in Heidelberg in 2020, and my latest works were presented in Belgium in 2021

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